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BREXIT...are you ready?

The U.K. has now formally left the European Customs Union, with a transition period that lasts until the 31st of December 2020.

Regardless of the withdrawal agreements, all consignments to and from the U.K. will require customs declarations following the transition period.

Brexit will affect all Imports & Exports. 

To ensure you are prepared, you need to have the following in place:

An EORI Number

  • You will need to apply for an EORI number from HMRC, even if you are trading below the VAT threshold, .

Apply for a Duty Deferment Account

  • You can apply for a Deferment account directly with HMRC. This will allow you to postpone Import Duty payments.

Check the Commodity Codes & VAT rates for your goods

  • These are important pieces of information which will determine how much Duty and VAT you pay on your goods.

You must have commercial invoices for all consignments (Imports & Exports)

  • Commercial invoices are required for customs purposes for all goods, whether Imports or Exports.

We are able to support you in the following key areas to help you adapt for Brexit:

Duty Deferment

Taking away the need for you to set up a Deferment account.

​Customs Clearance

We can handle your import/export customs clearances and provide impartial advice on customs procedures.

T1 Exports – European Road Freight

Please see below FAQs asked regarding T1 Export procedures.

Can Advanced Cargo Systems raise an Export T1 and i arrange the transport elsewhere?

No, we can only raise a T1 for transport movements we are controlling.

This is to ensure the T1 is discharged correctly at destination.

What are your charges for raising an Export T1?

Please contact us at for rates.

Is the “use of CTG” fee refundable once the T1 is discharged?

No, this is a fee set by Advanced Cargo Systems for the use of the CTG.

Do Advanced Cargo Systems have their own CTG?

No, we use a third party for raising our T1 documents so their CTG is used.

What details do we need to provide you in order to raise a T1?

The following information is required to Issue/Raise road freight T1 Documents:

  • Customer Address (Hauler Details)
  • Customer Job Reference
  • Destination Customs Warehouse Address, Name & Postcode
  • Destination Warehouse’s Customs Code
  • Description of Goods
  • Commercial Invoice & Packing List
How long does it take to raise a T1?

If we assume all paperwork is in place (Credit Application Form/Credit Check) then upon receipt of the complete information required to generate a T1, the application will take c.60mins to process. 

Advanced Cargo Systems have no control over the granting of the T1 and the time taken for NCTS to grant the T1 is normally 45mins – 90mins.

Once the T1 is granted Advanced Cargo Systems will contact the requesting company to confirm acceptance / denial.

Please note any denial of T1 by NCTS may still result in a fee being payable.

Can the T1 and Logistics Envelope be emailed to me once granted?

Yes, we will be able to email the T1 and Logistics envelope to the requesting company address.

Glossary of Terms:

CTG  - Customs Transit Guarantee; a customs guarantee for VAT movements from non-EU to EU destinations.
NCTS - New Computerised Transit System; a system of electronic declaration & processing that traders must use to submit Common Transit declarations.
T1 - T1 Shipping Note; A customs document used in cross-border movement of goods for transporting customs goods from one customs office to another.

For further information on Export T1’s, please contact