• Export Packing

    Professional Export Packing Services to ensure your goods are protected for transport.

Some items need to be professionally packed for transport - Advanced Cargo Systems can arrange this for you.

This is either to protect the goods from being damaged or to comply with product packing instructions

Bespoke cases can be tailored to customers individual requirements. They are made from the highest quality heat treated, kiln dried timber. All timber is planed all round to dramatically enhance the appearance of each case as well as reducing the possibility of splinters.

Our case makers stock a huge variety of timber, plywood and cardboard to ensure they can manufacture any style and size of case for our customers. A wide variety of additional options can be added to every case including different thicknesses of foam, ethafoam and polystyrene. Other options include captive screws, handles, hinges, wheels and polythene or waterproof (kraft paper) lining. What ever the request we can accommodate it.

Dangerous Goods also need to be professionally packed & the correct documentation raised

Our packers have an excellent reputation with all of Heathrow's Airlines and Handling Agents. They are also qualified to pack for sea and road movement, issuing all relevant documentation. They carry a vast stock of UN approved inner and outer receptacles enabling us to cope with most situations.

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